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Direct from its acclaimed London production in early 2010, American actor/writer David Rhodes' solo show examines issues of secrecy and authenticity.  Rhodes portays himself and five disparate characters, each with weighty secrets they reveal through the course of the evening.

"Heartfelt... a moving revelation"
"Rhodes is a visual chameleon, changing faces at the drop of a hat and a wave of a mascara wand" - Backstage
"If I had been wearing socks they would have been blown off by David Rhodes' confessional thrill ride, Rites of Privacy. All at once, it is smart, evocative and downright fun, while leaving the audience wondering if they should laugh or cry (I did a bit of both)." - read full review here
"Could have kept me listening all evening" - Time Out London CRITICS' CHOICE
"Rhodes, bright-eyed and agile, is an engaging performer" 
- The London Times