The Journey...

David Rhodes began developing what would later become RITES OF PRIVACY in an acting class in 2005.  His concept was to create several diverse and unique characters who divulge deeply suppressed secrets, alternating them with candid stories from his own personal experience, while morphing into them in full costume and make up.  David was intrigued by the notion of confession and the relief it affords, relating it to his own struggles for authenticity in his professional and personal life.  Having a strong musical background, he decided to incorporate song and dance into the fabric of the piece, serving as commentary and allegory for the celebration of liberation.

Originally entitled DON'T TELL!, David worked on each character weekly in class, culminating in an evening presenting the full work for an invited audience.   Present that night was Charles Loffredo, Artistic Director of Moving Parts Theater, for whom David had previously worked in the 2004 production LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGLERS.  A collaboration was born, Loffredo agreeing to direct and co-produce the NYC off-Broadway premiere of RITES OF PRIVACY.  The script was honed and expanded, one character was replaced, and a new title was created.

RITES OF PRIVACY was produced in August 2007 at Urban Stages Theater in Manhattan for a limited seven week run.  The production received rave reviews, lauding Rhodes' tour de force performance, writing, and self-designed metamorphic costumes, as well as the subtle, evocative projections by Greg Emetaz.  The production was filmed, and a worldwide marketing campaign began to bring it to new audiences.

In 2009 London's prestigious fringe venue The New End Theatre invitied Rhodes & Loffredo to present RITES OF PRIVACY as part of its 2009/2010 season.  With a further refined script and look, the play opened there in January 2010 for a five week run, once again garnering rave reviews; prompting Time Out London to site it as a CRITIC'S CHOICE.

The journey came home in summer 2010 as RITES OF PRIVACY returned to NYC for the New York International Fringe Festival - enjoying sold out houses and further rave reviews.  Its creators are very excited to have presented the  evolved work to its original audience, while sharing it with new theatergoers in Manhattan and beyond.